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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

*This original post went up on January 2, 2019 but on a test blog and not this one.*

Today, I turned 24 years old. 

It always feels weird to simultaneously begin the new year and turn a year older. It wasn't until last year, my first birthday after not being in school, that this really hit me. There is something so incredible about the idea of new beginnings coming along with a new year of my life. 

That is probably why, after 9 (whoa!!!) years of blogging on and off, I have decided to close all of my previous blogs and introduce this new blog. As Told By Akchita has been in the works for well over a year and 2019 just felt like the best year to officially start posting on here. 

I was 14 years-old when I first began blogging. A little blog where I wanted to share my thoughts on all the books I read evolved into a passion that never left. I was able to combine my love for reading and writing into a platform that allowed me to grow as a person, as a reader, and as a writer. 

I learned how to code and format templates for blogs which was not easy but a whole lot of fun. One of my favorite results of book blogging was leaning how to network and promote my blog posts on social media. Maybe one day I'll write a blog post about what blogging has taught me thus far because there's so much. 

Now, at 24, there is still so much I know I can learn from blogging and I can not wait to see what I learn this year. I knew from the beginning that I didn't want this new venture to be only about books so this place will be where I share my thoughts on all sorts of things I love: books, movies, tv shows, music, food, travel and so much more. 

I am ready to see where 2019 and As Told By Akchita will take me this year. I hope y'all will come along for the ride. 

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