Review Round Up (#): Reluctantly Royals

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Alyssa Cole and her books have been an author that I've known about for a long time but only read recently. I've had An Extraordinary Union on my shelves for a while but it wasn't until A Princess in Theory came on my radar. I love fluffy, cute romances and there's something about romances with someone royal that gets me very excited. While I didn't love all of the books in the series, the Reluctant Royals series was worth every minute. I would highly recommend most of these books to everyone! 
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What I Wish I Knew Then

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Recently, I finished working as an after school teacher at an elementary school that got me thinking about my experience in school but especially from the 1st to 5th grade. There are incredibly formative times in our lives and can really change how the rest of our lives play out. Personally, I started school in the US in the 1st grade after having moved here less than two months prior. It was fitting that the grade I was working with were the 1st graders. While most of my thoughts are based around the 1st graders I worked with, I did interact with children from other grades so it's very versatile. Here are some things that I wish I knew in elementary school*.
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Review Round Up (3): Scandals & Scoundrels

Monday, June 3, 2019

Sarah MacLean is the reason I fell in love with romance. Her Love by the Numbers and The Rules of Scoundrels were the first romance books I read and loved but somehow along the way I stopped reading her work. I recently fell back in love with her work thanks to Wicked and the Wallflower and I wanted more of her in my life. As I hadn't read her Scandal & Scoundrel series before, I thought it would be best to remedy that! So today I have the review for the three books but unfortunately I didn't love them all that much. This series goes to show that you could love certain works by an author but it doesn't mean that you will love everything. Overall, I wasn't as impressed with this series as other works by Sarah MacLean. I'm glad I got to read the series because I enjoy Sarah MacLean but it won't be a series I'll be returning to!
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