The Writing Diaries (2): Sticking to One Story

Monday, February 10, 2020

I have come to realize that the biggest struggle I've been dealing with in terms of writing is sticking to one story. I have found that it's been incredibly hard for me to truly fall in love with one story and write it from the beginning to the end. I can't exactly place why I can't stick to one story but it's beyond frustrating to not be able to finish anything.

Handwriting Everything
I don't know what it is about handwriting that really changes things for me. As much as I love the convenience of typing and the variety of fonts, putting pen to paper and just letting my mind wander has worked in the past. I went out and bought some composition notebooks to begin writing a story. I have an idea that's been in the back of my mind so I'll be planning it soon.

Plotting the Story
I have tried in the past to plot some parts of my story and not others which has clearly not worked for me. So now I'm going to try plotting the new story a little bit more than in the past. Figuring out what the main climax of my story has been the section of plotting is what always got me to stop writing a story.

Why Am I Writing This Story
This was something I needed to ask myself not only in terms of the specific story but writing in general. I might add a page to my bullet journal so that I can always turn to it when I need a reminder as to why I'm doing this. I might also add in little messages of encouragement throughout writing my story just to really let myself enjoy the experience.

So lets see if any of these suggestions actually work for me. Here's hoping that I'm able to get out of this funk and finish a story from beginning to end. Do you have any ideas on how to stick to one story? Is this a struggle that anyone else faces? I'll do more updates on this writing journey!

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