Once Upon a Time: Favorite Couples

Monday, April 6, 2020

Once Upon A Time is one of my all time favorite shows. I've watched this show since it first aired on television and I've re-watched the show several times. I realized that I've never actually talked publicly about my love for this show so I thought it was time I ratified this! As this show is so huge, spans seven six seasons and has more story lines than I can keep track of, I have split my thoughts into various posts. This post will be specifically about my favorite couples! I'll also share my thoughts on my favorite characters overall, my favorite and least favorite story arcs, and random thoughts that I have about the show in general! So, lets get into this post!

Favorite Couples 

Captain Swan
Did y'all think this couple wouldn't be on this list after both people made it to my favorites list? From the second Killian Jones/Captain Hook came onto the show, I was firmly the caption of the Captain Swam ship. Aside from making Captain Hook attractive (hello, Colin O'Donoghue), he's also just devilishly charming and arrogant and also just a great character. He and Emma have so many things in common but they've also got their fair share of differences. Their banter is top tier and there are so many moments that just make me swoon. Their love for each other is tested time and time again and they aren't perfect people but they come to find that they're perfect for each other. I could wax poetic, if I'm honest, about my love for this couple but I'll just leave this as is.

Regina and Robin
I will forever be bitter that they weren't endgame. They have such amazing chemistry and they work so hard for their love! They should hate each other from the moment they meet but also come to a quick understanding that they have more in common with each other than they have differences. Regina especially has been chasing her soulmate for a very long time and it's so amazing to see her finally get her (short lived) happily ever after.

Snow White and Prince Charming
Probably one of the most flawed pairings on the show, I didn't expect to love them so much. As an embodiment of true love, there is so much about Snow and Charming that I loved. It wasn't until I rewatched the show that I came to truly love them. They love each other, their friends and family and especially their children. Turning two very iconic Disney characters into such fully developed characters was one of the best aspects of the show. They took a story that's been done many times and layered. Is Snow White just a beautiful girl who sings to animals? Is Prince Charming just a Prince that's attractive?

Mr. Gold (Beast) and Belle
This list wouldn't be complete without this couple. Did y'all really think that my favorite Disney Princess movie and favorite Disney character wouldn't make it on the list? Nah, I am utter trash for this ship. If I'm honest, they aren't my number one favorite but I really do love them. I knew that Beauty and the Beast would be on the show but I will admit I did not expect the Beast we got. I think that there's something to say about the huge age difference between Belle and Beast but it was something that I was able to get over. There are so many hurdles that these two have to get through and many of those came from Mr. Gold which was incredibly frustrating. However, when that perfect ending was given, I was beyond happy.

Dorothy Gale and Ruby  
Ugh, I love how their relationship came to be. There are a lot of things to be said about the lack of LGBTQIA+ relationships on the show and I was happy to have this ship. They aren't a big part of the show and their romance doesn't really take center stage save for a few episodes none the less. Neither expects to fall in love when they meet and there's a lot of internalized fear that they have to work through. Plus, I never would've thought to put the two of them together so that was really nice.

What are your favorite couples on the show? Do you agree with the couples on this list? Who would you add if you could? 

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