Once Upon a Time: Story Arcs

Thursday, April 9, 2020

Once Upon A Time is one of my all time favorite shows. I've watched this show since it first aired on television and I've re-watched the show several times. I realized that I've never actually talked publicly about my love for this show so I thought it was time I ratified this! As this show is so huge, spans seven six seasons and has more story lines than I can keep track of, I have split my thoughts into various posts. This post will be specifically about my favorite and least favorite story arcs! I'll also share my thoughts on my favorite characters overall, my favorite couples, and random thoughts that I have about the show in general! So, lets get into this post!

Story Arcs I Loved

Peter Pan
We all know the story of Peter Pan but I love how well they wove the story of Peter Pan into this overall story. It was unexpected in the best way possible. Taking the story of the Lost Boys and the boy who never grew up to such a dark and sinister route was really well done. There were certain reveals that I really loved. (For example, at one point in the season, there were four generations of the Rumpelstiltskin family present in one room at one time.)

All of Season 1
After my re-watch, I realized that Once Upon a Time has one of the best first seasons of any show. It's a perfect example of what this show is, what this show could me and what it wants to be. The show had a really great pilot that pulled you into the story and used our love for fairy tales to keep us interested. I loved how the handled certain story lines and developed the characters. It was just so well done.

Most* of Season 6
This is how a show should end. It was such a perfectly wrapped up show that I was so sad when it ended. Most of my favorite characters got their perfect ending and their happily ever afters that they deserved. It was bittersweet to see just how much these characters meant to me. There were only two story endings I didn't like all that much: 1) Regina's happy ending and 2) the introduction to the story arc for season 7.

This is an unexpected story but man did I love it. I loved Hades and how he was actually a bad guy and I loved how Greek mythology played such a large part in this season. I also really loved that concept of the characters being able to give other characters that are no longer on the show the closure they deserve. When Regina introduces her Dad Henry to her son Henry? I was in tears. When Zelena and Regina finally became sisters and forgave their mother? Tears. Baelfire and Milah having their moments to move on? Love that for them.

I also didn't think I'd love this but it ended up being so good (for the most part). The show was able to give so much depth of Anna and Elsa and I found myself rotting for the sisters more than I thought was possible. We really get to care about Anna in this story arc and Elsa is more fleshed out as well. I personally think that they were able to handle this story line really well even though there were certain parts that I didn't love as much.

Story Arcs I Didn't Love

The Dark Swan arc
We all kinda knew this story would happen but I still didn't like the execution. I appreciated all of the Captain Swan content but lord was I over the story rather quickly. It ended up becoming very muddled and unnecessary which didn't lead to a good story arc.

Snow Queen
Even though I loved the homage they paid to the story that inspired Frozen, I didn't particularly like it in the show. I just didn't think that it worked as well. I didn't like the Snow Queen herself and I think that they needed to end her story in another way that made more sense to me.

What was the point? Why did he exist in this capacity? What was the point of having this certain story arc just to attempt to move the story forward? I wasn't a big fan at all.

This story could've been so good but I wasn't as big of a fan. I didn't like how they handled Merlin's character arc (especially as one of the few actors of color on the show). There wasn't as much about Arthur that I liked enough to

Season 7 aka The Reboot
Once Upon a Time ended with season 6. There is no reason this season needed to exist. Save for a few reveals regarding my favorite ship (hello, Captain Swan), there was no point to any part of this season.

What do you all think of this list? Do you agree with the story arcs I've mentioned? Are there story arcs that I didn't mention that you really like? 

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