Hello, June!

Monday, June 1, 2020

I don't know how the hell it's June already or how we'll be halfway done with this year by the end of this month. If you can't tell by the rainbow colors, June is also Pride Month! This is the first time I'll be talking about my sexuality and other things related to Pride Month! I'm both terrified and excited for this. There won't be a lot said because I'm not comfortable or safe to do so, but I'll share as much as I'm comfortable with.

I'm also hoping that my chance to get back to China happens during this month. I'm praying and crossing all of my fingers and toes this happens. Not only do I want to get back to my job (and full pay), but I also want to get back to my life there. I haven't talked in detail about this, but I didn't really have a good time in China for the four or so months that I lived there. I really wanted to make 2020 my time to give this country and the culture another chance. I'm hoping that when I return, I'll take all of the things I've learned and apply it so that my new experience is better than before!

All in all, my optimistic self can't help but be hopeful for this new month. As always, it's a month of new beginnings and opportunities to pursue and I'm ready for all of this.

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