Taylor Swift-a-Thon: Favorite Music Videos

Saturday, September 26, 2020

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Ever since she released folklore in June, I have been on a Taylor Swift binge. While Red is my favorite album of Taylor's, folklore has come very close to being second or even tied for first place. Now that I've listened to all of her songs and talked about my favorite lyrics, I felt like it was only time to also look at her music videos. I've been watching them as I listen to each of the albums and here are my thoughts.

The videos are in random order. I did notice that even her older videos had a decent quality compared to other videos during that same time.  


This is such an incredibly stunning music video. I remember being enthralled with it the second I started watching it. I love the ethereal and old time look to this. I love the Easter eggs that she has in this video. From the clock having a 13 to the portrait of her grandfather to the various settings depicting her career, it’s all beautiful.

I Don't Want To Live Forever

This was such an unexpected collaboration but one that I ended up loving so much. At the time I wasn’t the biggest fan of Taylor‘s music but this song really went all in. I love the dark and sensual look of this music video and I knew that the still above is the one I wanted to use to represent it.  
I love the fact that “you are in love“ is the inspiration behind the stunning music video. I don’t think I truly have words to describe how much I love this music video. I was not as excited for this album with the previous two singles but I loved this music video and song.
There was no way that I was going to make this list without this music video on it. This is the first song by Taylor Swift that I ever listened to and I love the green dress.
I wasn’t so sure about the song the first time I read it but I really love this music video. Not only do I love the dress and the dancing but I also love the meaning behind it all. After such a long time and so many ups and downs with her relationships, it was nice to see that she’s finally found someone who loves her so much.
This video--and song--is iconic. There are some incredible moments in this MV that is breathtaking. It's such a fun song and I love the various parts. Standing on a horse? The apple? Destroying the portrait of her lover? It’s all so iconic.
Leave it to Taylor Swift to create a music video that is so minimal yet so intricate all at once. I love the broken mirror pieces that shows the other person. I love the image of the road overlaying on the love interests back. It’s all so well timed and beautiful.

Out Of The Woods

The cuts in this music video are some of the best Taylor has ever had. When she falls off the cliff and landed in the snow? Iconic. I wasn’t as big of a fan of the song until I watch the music video and I fell helplessly in love with it.
There is no way I could have this list without this music video because this is where Taylor Swift got big. Who hasn’t seen this music video? Is there anything else that I need to say?
Even though I didn’t have any crushes in high school, I really love this music video. I think that it’s such a defining moment in Taylor‘s discography and in her music career. Who doesn’t love the ending of this music video? And who wasn’t surprised when they found Taylor having two roles in this music video? It’s such a good video and I love that it gave way to several iconic Taylor looks.
The beginning of the song was the most unexpected thing. I did not think that she would ever have such a monologue but I remember being incredibly moved by it when I first heard it.
If I’m being honest, I really don’t like the song but this music video is everything. I don’t think that I have enough time or space to talk about all of the little easter eggs that are in this video. Which part should I talk about? Taylor sitting on the throne, sipping tea and being surrounded by snakes? Her as a zombie? Taylor holding up two large motorcycles? And the ending with various clones of herself trying to climb the throne leading to the current Taylor? All of the old Taylor’s standing in a line that gives the track number for this album? There are so many points to choose from.
I am a city girl at heart and the moment this music video showed the various skylines of Miami and Tokyo and London, I fell in love. I love the aesthetics of this music video, I love the Lamborghini that Future drives, and I love all the snarky moments (like the moment in the still above). It’s such a fun music video.
She owns this entire year doesn't she? Who hasn't listened to this song when they turned 22? I love everything about this video, y'all, because it's so much fun. I feel like I would also hang out with my friends, dancing and eating food, and just enjoying our time. 
Look, all you have to do is put Paris in a music video and I will love it forever. Honestly, there is so much about this music video that I love so much. I love the fact that this song is about a new romance blooming and she’s in a city that is known for love. She has her signature red lip and some of the most beautiful looks throughout. The still I chose above looks so ethereal.
I think it’s amazing that this music video was done as one continuous shot. It’s so much fun watching Taylor and her band and all of her friends go from the various settings. At the time of its release, I think it really set the bar for what we were going to get with this new album.

Back To December 

I lose it every time the snow begins to fall inside. There's something so incredibly beautiful about this video that I don't really know how to explain. I love how simple this music video is because the lyrics is where its strength lies. 

Let's be real, the 1989 era is the best era Taylor Swift has aesthetic wise. The music videos during this era were truly stunning. I also love how amazing the songs are themselves so that of course adds to the imagery. 

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