Taylor Swift-a-Thon: Ranking the Albums and the End of Taylor Swift-a-Thon

Monday, September 28, 2020

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It's hard for me to believe that September is over! I can't believe that I've finally listened to all of Taylor's music and watched all of the music videos. In this post I want to wrap it up by talking about the documentary and ranking her albums. It's been the most interesting month and I'm so glad I ended up doing this. 

The Albums Ranked 

So, before I listened to all of the albums, this was my ranking:

#1: Red

#2: folklore 

#3: 1989

#4: reputation 

#5: Lover

This is my rankings having listened to all of the albums: 

#1: Red 

#2: folklore

#3: 1989

#4: Lover

#5: reputation 

#6: Speak Now 

#7: Fearless 

#8: Taylor Swift 

My Favorite Songs  

Taylor Swift has over 100 songs to choose from and now that I've listened to them all, I figured that I would make a list of 50 songs I love. I gave myself a single rule: I was not allowed to list every song from an album (namely Red and folklore). That rule limited my favorites to less than 50 songs! 

  1. Love Story--Fearless 
  2. White Horse--Fearless
  3. Enchanted--Speak Now 
  4. Back to December--Speak Now 
  5. Dear John--Speak Now 
  6. Long Live--Speak Now 
  7. The Last Time--Red
  8. All Too Well--Red
  9. Holy Ground--Red
  10. Begin Again--Red
  11. The Moment I Knew--Red 
  12. Red--Red
  13. State of Grace--Red
  14. I Knew You Were Trouble--Red
  15. I Almost Do-Red 
  16. Everything Has Changed--Red 
  17. Clean--1989
  18. New Romantics--1989
  19. Wonderland--1989
  20. You Are In Love--1989 
  21. Style--1989
  22. I Know Places--1989
  23. You Are In Love--1989 
  24. Wildest Dreams--1989
  25. Call It What You Want--reputation 
  26. Getaway Car--reputation
  27. Dress--reputation
  28. Delicate--reputation
  29. I Did Something Bad--reputation
  30. Call It What You Want--reputation
  31. New Year's Day--reputation 
  32. False God--Lover
  33. Cornelia Street--Lover
  34. Cruel Summer--Lover
  35. Death By A Thousand Cuts--Lover 
  36. Afterglow--Lover 
  37. Daylight--Lover
  38. exile--folklore
  39. the lakes--folklore
  40. mirrorball--folklore 
  41. epiphany--folklore
  42. my tears ricochet--folklore
  43. august--folklore
  44. peace--folklore
  45. invisible string--folklore
  46. cardigan--folklore
  47. this is me trying--folklore
  48. hoax--folklore
  49. Safe and Sound--random 
  50. Eyes Open--random 

My Thoughts On Taylor Swift: Miss Americana 

For a very long time because I wasn't all that interested in it. While I didn't dislike Taylor Swift, and loved several songs of hers, I also want't the biggest fan. She was an artist whose music I enjoyed at times but not someone that I followed religiously. However, when I was going to listen to all of her music--some for the very first time--I figured that it made sense to watch this.

I don't know what I expected to get from this documentary but I left it with more respect for Taylor Swift than I did before. While I still have criticism of her--and I probably always will--I did understand her a lot more. This showed me various aspects of her experience that I hadn't thought about. 

Her eating disorder

I wasn't aware of this until I watched this documentary. Again, I didn't follow her a lot so I wasn't even sure if her fans also know this was such a big moment for her. It's not surprising that being in the public eye for so many years, and from such a young age, would have such an impact on her. When there is so much scrutiny surrounding how a person looks, I can only imagine how much this would change for people.   

I do remember seeing her weight change as the years went on and I'm glad that she's now in a good place. I could not imagine going through my teenage and younger 20s in the public. 

The 2009 MTV Music Awards 

I remember watching this as it happened on TV and what a moment it was. It's interesting to watch this documentary now, after so many years have passed and so many things have done down, to really understand what her emotions were like. I had no idea that she thought all of the booing from the crowd was for her. I think we can all agree that it would have an impact on our emotional and mental state.  

The Songwriting 

I watched several of her "Making of A Song" for her reputation album which was the coolest thing. She truly is such a gifted writer. Now that I've finally listened to all of albums, I can see that she has grown as a writer. But she's always had very moving lyrics throughout her career. Some of her most moving songs were written when she was thirteen or fourteen.

I've broken down all of her songs this month and I wrote an entire post about my favorite lyrics. I definitely believe that her songwriting is what has gotten her this far and why so many people are her fans. 

Overall Thoughts

I can't believe that I have come to the end of this month. When I randomly decided to do this, I had very minimal expectations. I knew the music I loved by Swift and wasn't as interested in listening to her previous, Country albums. I'm so glad that I took the time to listen to all of her music and try and understand her better.  

This also forced me to understand how the media made Swift's image into what they wanted it to be and how I fell for some of it. As I've said before, I do still have a lot of criticisms of Swift but they are very specific and aren't based on other peoples influence. 

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