A Disney Halloween: Halloweentown

Thursday, October 1, 2020

I am not a fan of scary things. I don't like horror or even thriller movies. Don't give me ghosts or anything supernatural or paranormal. October and Halloween can be really bas for me because I get scared easily. However, I love watching children's and family oriented Halloween movies. They're the perfect amount of scary and fun. And thus, when I was planning my content for October, I decided to do a series where I watch Disney Halloween movies. This series is not sponsored by Disney. 

Today's movie is:   

I remember when we finally got Disney Channel and I was able to watch this movie every Halloween as a kid. I knew that the first movie I wanted to watch for this month had to be this movie. Not only for Debbie Reynolds, but also all of the nostalgia involved. It's been such a big part of my childhood. I learned English watching these movies. 

    <>Released on: Disney Channel
    <>Release date: October 17, 1998 
    <>Available to stream on Disney+

    <>Debbie Reynolds as Agatha “Aggie” Cromwell
    <>Kimberly J. Brown as Marnie Piper
    <>Judith Hoag as Gwen Piper
    <>Joey Zimmerman as Dylan Piper
    <>Emily Roeske as Sophie Piper
    <>Phillip Van Dyke as Luke
    <>Robin Thomas as Kalabar
    • I love Halloween for the candy and I loved dressing up when I was younger 
    • Going trick or treating was one of my favorite new adventures with moving to the US as a kid
    • Dylan is such a great character and I love him so much; I remember thinking he was hilarious as a kid
    • I didn't know what a big deal Debbie Reynolds was as a kid and had no idea that she was Carrie Fisher's mother. It's so emotional watching these movies now, after she's gone, to see just what an incredible force she truly was. 
    • "My story is about a magical place where many different sorts of creatures live in peace." "Like Cleveland?" 
    • Listen, the ability to go to an entirely new place as a kid--one that's fictional and magical and a little bit weird--was the best thing for me as a kid. I want to go there even more now. 
    • I love that the bus that takes them to Halloweentown is a yellow school bus. Why does this remind me of the Magic School Bus? 
    • Wow, it's wild to see how much our technology has changed over the years. I remember being a kid and being blown away by all of the special effects but they look so aged now. None of us would ever be so open to watching a movie today with effects that were so aged. 
    • The costumes are so great, oh my gosh, I love them all. I wonder what a kid watching this movie now would think about it. 
    • "I'm something of a big cheese around here." Is this what's considered a great comparison for this time period? 
    • I want to fly on a broomstick! 
    • God, that scary flying creature thing in the movie theater scared me so badly. 
    • Ha, I love that they sent the dog after the skeleton. 
    • Sophie is the cutest! I love that she's always so observant and catches onto things her older siblings miss. 
    • Y'all ever just think about the fact that we leave children to do so much of the heavy lifting in these kinds of movies? 
    • I remember how shocked I was as a kid when Kalabar was revealed to be the bad guy. It was such a fun twist for kids. 
    • Aw, that cheesy ending is so much fun. I love that Marnie is able to get the talisman into the pumpkin just in time. 
    • I also never realized the idea of good versus evil and light versus dark. It's so obvious yet so much fun. 
    • I also love that the strongest witches were the matriarch's of their families. 
    • So, I've learned a lot over the years that goblins with large noses and ears can be anti-Semitic so I wonder if that's the case here. I don't think this aspect of the movie would hold up now. 

    I really enjoyed watching this movie again, after so many years, as an adult. It really brought back the nostalgia of this entire series. It's so incredible to remember how little I knew about Halloween as a child because this wasn't something I had grown up with. I will always love and appreciate how entertainment helped me learn English, understand certain aspects of the culture in the United States, and what a fun experience it all was.   

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