27 Things In My 27th Year: You Will Make It

Friday, April 2, 2021

You Will Make It

CW: Suicide

As you currently type this, you’re living in the same room where you thought you would say your last goodbye. Instead, you’re twenty six, going on twenty seven, an age you never thought you’d reach. So, in many ways, this is for nineteen year old me, who didn’t think she’d be here today. This is for the girl who was so lost that she felt like there was only one way out. This is for the girl who thought that she needed to make a certain life decision. 

You will make it. 

It hasn’t always been easy and it will continue to be complicated but making it thus far has been worth it. The ups and downs have all led to moments in life that you will cherish forever, but also moments that will always make you cringe. After all, that is the beauty of life.

Through out all of the bullshit and the hard times and the good times you didn't think you deserved, you will make it. You'll fall in and out of love. You'll make friends and lose friends. You'll be incredibly happy and you'll be unbearably sad. 

You will make it.

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