Rest and Rejuvenation Day 11: Career Goals

Monday, January 11, 2021

Topic of the Day: 
Trying to start that professional career  

2020 has really forced me to figure out what I want in terms of a career for myself. I decided during my undergraduate degree that I needed to take time off before going to grad school. Since 2017 I have been doing whatever jobs I wanted to do and I think that I have finally come to a time where a grad school is the next option. However, I do need to earn money for bills and food in the meantime so I have figured out one simple goals I have for my career. 

Full time job

I am going to be on the job hunt for a full-time job. I would love for the full-time job to be on the more professional side so that I can get more office experience. I have applied to a lot of places and heard back from a few. I forgot how exhausting the job search can be. I am confident that I will be getting a job in 2021.  

Get benefits through full time job  

In 2021 I will legally be taken off my dad‘s health insurance so I need to find a job where I have health benefits. I have looked into buying my own insurance and it is beyond expensive. However, if I can manage to get a full-time job that allows me to pay for my own insurance I will do that. 

And that is all I have for this post. I have come to realize that the more simple I make my goals, the easier it is to break them down and reach them. This career goal is rather time-consuming and a little bit daunting but I am certain that it is possible for me.

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