Rest and Rejuvenation Day 12: Personal Blog Goals

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Topic of the Day: 
Creating wild goals for this blog 

I had a surprisingly good year in terms of this blog. My goal was to publish 100 posts but I decided to take time off during the month of December. I didn’t really know what I wanted for this blog when I first began writing it. It was going to be a mix of reviews on the entertainment I consumed and personal posts about my life. I also am an avid reader so I included book reviews as well. Overtime and I decided that I wanted to switch my book reviews to a very specific blog for that. I was then left with this blog and so many ideas of what I wanna do. Which is as I mentioned in the post where 365 and 365 came in. 

After my brainstorming, I only had two goals for this blog. 

365 In 365 

As I talked about in the introduction post for this, I have decided I am going to attempt to publish one post every day for this entire year. This is my way of blogging about all sorts of interest that I have so that I can narrow down the few that I want to continue on into the future. While I wanted to travel to be a large part of my blog, that unfortunately cannot happen because of the pandemic. I have a lot of different things planned for 2021 and I am hoping that I reach this goal. 

Make this blog my own 

In 2021 I want to post whatever the hell is interesting to me during that time. I am obviously going to have many scheduled posts because I truly want my first goal to come true. However, I also don’t want to force myself to stick to that goal if I don’t want to. Again, I don’t know if this blog has enough me in it. It probably sounds ridiculous considering this is my blog and I do write all of the post but I think that some part of me is missing and everything. I am hoping that in 2021 I find the missing piece.

Do y'all have a personal blog? If so, what goals do you have for that blog? 

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