Rest and Rejuvenation Day 16: YouTube Goals

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Topic of the Day: 
Trying to be a YouTuber 

In 2020 I attempted to revive my book tube channel and I failed miserably at it. As I have said that in 2020 I want to offer myself more grace, I have decided that I will be re-attempting to start my book tube channel. However, I am also starting another tube channel! It’s wild to me that I am actually taking this chance but I am very excited for it. I have very limited goals for YouTube in general because I want to be able to reach them. I like having numerical goals because they give me something to strive for but I like to make the numerical goals work for me. 

Once a week 

This is probably the best uploading schedule I could come up with. I will essentially have four avenues of content creation, and since videos are the most time consuming of the lot, I decided that I would limit how often I would post. Even though I am only posting once a week, this still gives me a consistent upload schedule. Once a week is something that I definitely could do and I have already planned at least three months worth of content. Even more so, by giving myself a upload schedule of once a week I am able to bulk film, edit, and prepare videos to post! 

1,000 subscribers 

The second goal I have for both of my YouTube channels is to read 1000 subscribers. I’ll actually thought about lowering the number to 500 or something other than 1000 but it seems to be a good number to me. I am genuinely hoping that with a good content and a consistent uploading schedule I can reach this goal. 

And those are the two goals I have for both of my YouTube channels. I initially thought that I would create goals such as listing specific types of videos to create but that that would not work for me. This goal especially would limit what I could post in my book tube channel because my reading is so random and based solely on my mood. If I told myself that I had to film only videos on classic books in the month of March but I read nothing but science fiction, that would really hinder my ability to create good content. However, both of these goals can’t work with not only my work schedule but my schedule for creating content.

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