Rest and Rejuvenation Day 19: Habits

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Topic of the Day: 
Getting my life together  

Somethings that I was able to understand in 2020 that I had it for whatever reason understood before then was that I love habits. I love having a consistent thing that I have to do. Whether that is taking a vitamin every single day or reaching in 10,000 steps a day, I really like having structure to my life. Again, it’s another structure that allows for spontaneity because I cannot live without that but they are a little things I think I can create in terms of habits that will help make 2020 a better year.

Daily body movements 

I actually labeled this daily work out but I realized that I didn’t like that term all that much. Working out made me think that I needed to do some things such as running we’re going to the gym and that is just not who I am. I hate running and dancing is one of my favorite forms of working out. Basically saying that I wanted to move my body every single day I’d give myself the grace to do some movement but not get upset if I am not able to run or do a specified workout.


Drinking water: 
I honestly believe that I am perpetually dehydrated. For whatever reason I always forget to drink the right amount of water every single day. This is something I definitely want to work towards getting better at in 2021. Vitamins: For about six months of the year I was actually incredibly good about taking one vitamin every single day. However after a rough summer I ended up losing this. I am hoping it to get back on track in 2021. 

Floss well: 
 This probably sounds utterly ridiculous for me to put on this list but I felt like I needed to. I floss every single day but I don’t floss well every single day. I will usually do a hard job of flossing my teeth but I definitely need to take the time every single night to floss very well. I am pretty sure my dentists are tired of having to tell me every single time I visit them that I need to floss for a longer period of time every single day. 

Consistent skincare routine: 
I somehow managed to create a really great skin care routine in 2020 and my biggest goal is to continue using it in 2021. I do change my routine depending on the season because that is what my skin needs but I have come to realize that I am terrible at consistency. 

Self care: 
I’m actually going to write an entire post for this later on so all I’m going to say is that I need to focus on my self-care. In 2020 and years prior I actually made self-care to be very superficial. As I was creating this list for this post, I realized that there were so many different areas of self-care that I wanted to focus on in 2021. Again, this all goes back to me focusing on myself this year. 

Again, as with most of my goals in 2021 I made them as a short and concise as possible. They may seem a little bit vague but that was done purposefully. I am too much of a spontaneous person that I can’t be too bogged down with a step-by-step but I do like having some consistency. It probably sounds like a contradiction, and it is in many ways, but it is what works for me.

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