Rest and Rejuvenation Day 22: Self Care To Implement In 2021

Friday, January 22, 2021

Topic of the Day: 
Getting better with self care 

I already talked about how little I implemented self-care in 2020. I feel as though 2020 should have been the year where I’ve made self-care a priority but that did not happen. I definitely want to change that in 2021. I created this list of self care I want to implement this year. Some of them might be a little more abstract and will not make as much sense, but they are things that I needed in my life. 

Be kind to myself 

This probably makes no sense as a form of self care but I can’t remember the last time I was so hard on myself than 2020. Even though there was a whole pandemic going on that I was not responsible for, I remember getting so upset with myself for the things that happened. I remember how upset I got because I lost my job and how angry I got after I got stuck in the US. I really didn’t allow myself a moment to understand the fact that I could only control so much. 

Give myself a physical break once a week 

I came to realize in the past couple of years that if I don’t physically give myself a break, I will quite literally had a breakdown about it. I am a true Aries in the sense that I am always going, going, going, and going so taking a moment to breathe and relax is so important. 

Make up 

This sounds ridiculous, I know, but as someone who loves make up, I definitely don't practice as much as I should. Make up is just so much fun and I love to get lost in crating new looks. 

Watch whatever 

I love to watch shows and movies to get away from the real world, but sometimes I give myself a lot of grief about the things I watch. For example, sometimes I watch the same movie over and over again. The idea that I'm wasting my time often comes up, but I need to remove myself from that. 


I need seven to eight hours of sleep to have a good day--I know this is a very general number--but sometimes I don't always sleep. My normal sleep cycle wakes me up after I'm completely rested so it's always a good idea to give myself this time. 

And these are the forms of self care I want to implement this year. Some of them are a lot more serious and others are a lot more fun. That's a mix that I want in 2021. 

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