Rest and Rejuvenation Day 24: Health/Fitness Goals

Sunday, January 24, 2021

Topic of the Day: 
What is health 

When I sat down to brainstorm what I wanted my fitness goals to be, I didn’t really anticipate this list. In the past I have not always been very kind to myself or my body when it comes to my fitness. I go down the rabbit hole of not being skinny enough or working out enough or eating better. I have really had to reevaluate how I look at fitness and health in 2020. There’s nothing quite like being left to your own thoughts that really force you to become better about them. So, here are my fitness goals for 2020.

No scale 

If there’s one thing I stopped doing in 2020 in terms of my fitness/health, it was letting go of the scale. For the longest time I would drive myself up a wall simply by looking at how much I weighed. I was always overweight and the number was always too high. However, the more I read and read in 2020 about how we look at our bodies and health, I came to realize that the number was hurting me more than anything. There was no reason for me to look at that number if my body was doing well. 

Balanced food 

I have never been the kind of person that deprived myself of certain foods. I’ve always eaten the food that I wanted to and not even what I didn’t want to. In 2021, however, I really want to find a better balance of the kind of food that I eat. It’s perfectly fine for me to eat chips but I also need to make sure I eat the right amount of vegetables. As someone who is vegetarian, I do have to consider that I cannot get protein from meat so I need to find other sources for that. 

Drinking water 

This is the one area in my health/fitness that I always fill out. I also mentioned this in my habits post but I definitely do not drink enough water. Drinking water has so many benefits but most of all, we literally need it to live. I didn’t actually realize how some of these goals also tie into my habits but it makes sense. I truly believe that numbers do not determine if we are healthy or not. In 2021 I definitely want to focus on how my body feels and how I feel in it to determine whether I am doing well or not.

It was interesting to find that I didn't have any goals like I would in any other year. In the years past I might've said "I have to eat xyz food" or "I have to lose ten pounds in the year." None of those goals were feasible for me because I would feel so incredibly let down when I wouldn't achieve them. So, this year, I wanted to make it easier for me and my mind when it came to coming up with health and fitness goals. I'm hoping that I can get better and healthier in a way that doesn't cause me harm.

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