Rest and Rejuvenation Day 29: Education Goals

Friday, January 29, 2021

Topic of the Day: 
Time to get that degree

There is a part of me that is utterly terrified to publish this post. There’s another part of me that is so excited to publish this post. Ever since I graduated in 2017 I knew that I needed to take some time away from school. As someone who loves school I realize that 16 straight years of education really got me down. I needed time away from the classroom to really explore the world and explore who I was as a person. However, I always knew that I would be going back to grad school. When I took the LSAT in 2019 and I got a very bad score I took that so personally that it essentially destroyed all faith I had in myself and my abilities as a student. After getting that score I was convinced that I would never be a lawyer and that I would have to find another career path for myself. A whole lot of soul-searching and a whole lot of conversations with various people lead me to decide to retake the LSAT in 2021. This time, however, I have a better understanding of how I need to study to get a good score that I need to get into a good law school in New York City. I have definitely regained a lot of the few that was lost in myself. As I said in my life goals post, my focus is on myself and no one else. I allowed myself to feel in this way because I compare myself to others and their journey. I didn’t take into consideration that they had been working part time and studying for the LSAT or they were lucky enough to simply study for the LSAT and not do much else. Everyone’s journey is very different and so is mine especially when it comes to my education. So, here are my education goals for 2021. 


I think that this is a pretty self-explanatory after the emotional paragraph above. I have sufficiently prepared myself with the correct tools to allow myself to study at my best. I am not the kind of person I have realized who can study through the computer the entire time which was a mistake I made the first time around. I have two books that I am really excited to use to help me understand how to take the exam. I’ve always been terrible at standardized testing but I am going to work extremely hard and get the score that I want. I am manifesting and telling the universe that I am going to get an excellent score because I’m going to put the work towards it. 

Law school personal statements

I actually put law school personal statements above the applications because there’s something about personal statements that scare me. I have never been afraid to open up and tell people about myself and my life but there is a very specific way in which law school personal statements should be written. Unlike undergraduate degrees where it is a vast array of fields to study, law school is very specific to only studying the law. Obviously they are different facets to law school but you are there to essentially become a lawyer or go into a legal profession. I want to make my personal statement as specific to each university that I will be applying to us possible. I don’t want to lose who I am during this process so I am going to definitely be taking my time getting through this. 

Law school applications 

Obviously, in order to go to high school I have to apply to go to law school. One of the things that I’m not worried about but I need to sit down and make a list of are my references! I do have some work experience outside of my undergraduate degree so I need to figure out which of those would be best to put on the application. There is just so much to consider when it comes to this but I generally don’t need to worry about this until a little bit later on in the year. 


This is the only non-law school related item I have on this list but at this current moment I am on an 88 day streak with Duolingo. I definitely want to keep up the streak and I would actually love to have a perfect streak in the year of 2021. I won’t put myself through so much hard work but it’s actually pretty easy to say 10 minutes aside every single day. It’s a great way for me to build habits that I can then implement in other parts of my life so I’m hoping that by 2022 I can’t say that I use this app every single day in 2021!

That’s it for my educational goals. Some of them are a little bit more abstract than others and they don’t really come in to play until much later on in the year. But again with all of my goals as I’ve been saying, I wanted them to be tailored very specifically to me and not to meet the needs of anyone else. These are the goals that I think I can reach and work towards in 2021.

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