Black History Month: Anna Julia Cooper

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

I first came across the work of Anna Julia Cooper in college, during one of my Women and Gender Studies classes, when I had to write a paper on feminism. As a woman of color, I knew that I wanted to focus on Black and women of color activists who had talked about feminism. Cooper's work introduced me to Black feminism. I read A Voice From the South and her work has stayed with me throughout the years.

This is so relatable especially when things aren't easy in our lives.

This one took me a while to understand but I think the meaning is in the simplicity of the statement. 

Essentially, this quote says that we can't have a life without purpose or a drive for knowledge.  

We can't think of our future without understanding the life lessons from others. So much of what we know, we learn from the people around us. We take those lessons to plan for our futures. 

I mean, bullies are cowards, and they have very little going for them.

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