Black History Month: Maya Angelou

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

I knew that I wanted to feature several Black women during this month and as a writer myself, I wanted to feature writers. There was no way I could not feature Maya Angelou for this month. I have been reading her words since I was in middle school but I still have moments of awe with her work. So in this post I want to feature five quotes by Maya Angelou that I really love. 

Isn't this the trust thing? 

This quote always sticks with me. I didn't always believe in it, but as I got older, and really thought about the experiences I've had, the more this quote resonates. I don't always remember the details but I always remember the feelings. 

This is also incredibly true. Courage is such a strong emotion but one that is extremely hard to have. 

As someone who is a writer, and has been since she was a child, this quote means so much to me. The book I want to write won't be written without work but it also won't be perfect without work. Writing, and so much of what we do in our life, is a game of patience and passion in equal abundances.  

I don't think I need to explain this quote do I? Regardless of what is thrown at us, we still manage to rise above it all. 

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