The Last Day of Black History Month

Sunday, February 28, 2021

It's hard for me to beleive that we have oficially come to the end of Black History Month. As a non-Black woman of color, and someone from a community that is rife with anti-Blackness, I know that I have a responsibility to work through my own biases. For this month, I wanted to focus on Black movies that dealt with a variety of issues in the Black community. Along the same time I wanted to include quotes by Black people in history that are meaningful to me. I am someone who loves quotes of all kinds and watches more movies than she should. This felt like the perfect combination.

But more than the posts for this month, I want to do better in terms of the content that I am consuming to begin with. I shouldn't focus on just Black books/movies/shows/music in just the month of February. Of the 20 books I've read this year, I have only read six books by Black authors. I need to do better in terms of how many Black authors I read. But anyways, here is a list of all of the posts from this month:

The Movies
Last Holiday 
The Photograph
If Beale Street Could Talk
Sylvie’s Love
Cinderella (1997)
Love and Basketball
The Hate U Give
Hidden Figures
Just Wright
Akeelah and the Bee
Jingle Jangle
Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse

The People
bell hooks
Anna Julia Cooper
James Baldwin
Ella Baker
Langston Hughes
Malcolm X
Octavia Butler
Zora Neale Hurston
Audre Lorde
Toni Morrison
Alice Walker
Gwendolyn Brooks
Maya Angelou

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