How to Start Again

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Trying to make a comeback with blogging and writing turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be. I had to really plan and think about what I was going to do differently in order to not burnout anymore. So, here are some of the ways in which I am doing this comeback differently than others in the past.

1. Mind shift change: Consistency over Perfection 

 Being a lifelong perfectionist, this has been one of the hardest shifts to make in my life. Not just with blogging, but also in other aspects of my life. In terms of blogging, however, I had to understand that consistently posting was more important than not posting for months because a post wasn't perfect. For example, I try really hard with my grammar but I know that I make a ton of mistakes. Making mistakes is human and I don't know anyone who has perfect grammar at all times. Obviously, I don't want to post filler content but I have a tendency to be far too strict with the topics I post.   

2. If at first you don't succeed, try again and again and again 

 I mean, this is an age old saying but in all seriousness, it applies so well to blogging. We are only human and we all make mistakes and we aren't always successful. For example, I failed miserably at the 365 in 365 posts challenges I had. Failing at that challenge, however, didn't mean that I can't continue to post regularly on the blog. This is what I'm doing now. 

3. Do it at your own pace 

As seen with the first point, I tend to be a perfectionist when it comes to blogging. This leads to me having a ton of anxiety and self doubt when it comes to the content I produce. I want to keep up with other bloggers. I want to try and have a successful blog where people read the words I write. And this can lead to me wanting to keep up with other bloggers at their pace and not my own. 

So, there you have it! Three things I'm trying to do regularly to start blogging again and to keep it up! 

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