The Legal Diaries (1): Starting The LSAT Prep...Again

Monday, September 6, 2021

Before I left for China in 2019, I took the Law School Admission Test aka the LSAT. While I had studied for it for months, I didn't realize how ineffective it was until I got my score back. It was...not a good score to be sure. I was very disappointed in myself and it impacted my ability to see myself being successful in this area. But hingsight is 20/20 because I now recognize that I didn't give as much time and effort into learning the exam as I should have. I didn't spend as much time studying as I should have and I most definitely didn't give it my all.

I now have a more concrete study plan that I thought I could share here. There's nothing like sharing things on the internet that pushes you to actully hold yourself accountable.

1. Study for 15 hours a week.
I wanted to start consistently studying for the exam without during myself out. 15 hours a week is about two hours a day which is pretty doable for me. I want to take the exam in Janaury 2022 and I know that I have to put effort into my studying.

2. Keep track of my progress
I hate the idea that I'm not actully retaining what I am studying because it makes me question why I'm doing it to beging with. So hopefully this helps alleviate that anxiety by having numbers that show how much I'm improving.

3. Don't stress over it
Considering the fact that this exam costs $200 to take is reason enough to stress over it, I find that it doesn't help me. I have to think of taking this exam has an investment into my future. I already know that I'm not the best test takes, and standardized exams are even worese for me. But if I truly study my hardest and give this exam my best, there is no reason for me to question my ability.

In the end, if going to law school is what's meant for me, then it will happen. I will have to find the time and energy to study for the exam and make it happen. Maybe in the future, as I continue to study for this exam, I'll relaize that this isn't meant for me. For now, this is the path I am choosing to pursue.

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