About This Blog

After years of blogging about books, I knew that I wanted a separate blog where I could talk about other things I love. That is where As Told By Akchita comes in. This will be my little place on the internet where I can talk about all of my interests. 

Why "As Told by Akchita"?
  • I was inspired by BuzzFeed posts where people talk about their experiences or the writers use various emoji/gifs to talk about a certain topic.  
  • In that sense, this blog is a culmination of the experiences of my life, as told by me!  
When did you start this blog? 
  • While I have been blogging since 2009, this blog was started on January 2, 2019, my 24th birthday.  
What can I expect from this blog? 
  • Travel 
  • Food 
  • Movies/TV/Music 
  • Beauty
  • Self care
  • Career 
  • Relationships 
  • Wellness 

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